Tuesday, February 19, 2008

08' Ultra and F1R

The F1R

The best just got a little better. For 2008 we use the same cutting edge technology as before, but we upgraded the carbon. Added an Alpha Q GS40 nano carbon fork. These new changes have made the bike 5% lighter and 20% stiffer. The F1R still has the proper compliance you need for proper ride feed back. This was the frame that started the integrated seat tube revolution. Unique tube shapes. High Modulus (3 part)Monocoque frame, with a blend of T700/800V carbon blends. We built the F1R with all the proper stress reinforcements for ride performance expected in a premium race rig. Only pure roadies need apply.

The unique down tube of the F1R! This bike sits at 14.5lbs but we don't even make a bike that doesn't sit in the 15lb catagory.

The Ultra

In the world of High Modulus carbon frames this is the ultra work horse. Same High Modulus carbon as in the F1R. Except this bike was design around carbon tubes, bonded to carbon lugs. Like all Veloforma’s we designed this bike with unique tube shapes. All designed to give a stiff, responsive and comfortable ride. Road race, Kermese, criterium, hill climb, this bike can do it all. Thus the name – the Ultra.

The classic lines of the Ultra - 14.75 lbs with 404's. I could race this bike anywhere as it is the do all machine that delivers time and time again.

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