Monday, December 8, 2008

Development Team Roster!!

Well it’s that time of year, announcing new team members and what is happening in the Veloforma house in regards to racing. Cross or at least cross crusade is over. Cross Natz is a week away (we will not make the trip this year). Last year was an epic journey, once was enough. So it’s time to think about the road again, or at least planning, after a little rest. Veloforma has been fortunate enough to add to its development team this year. Last year we had 3 development women (Carrie Goodbrake, Laura McGraw, Jennifer Withers) all returning for ’09. We have added 5 new riders (Stephanie Chase, Heather Gunderson, Elise Huggins, Erica Loder, and Heidi Swift). Bring our development team roster to a very strong and amazing 8 ladies, it could go as high as 10 but not higher. Side note - elite team to be covered on a later date. These ladies will be riding with the elite team as much as possible, taking the next step in their progression as racers. The development and the elite teams are going to be working hand in hand. We will be doing a mentor program with each team member matching elite/development riders together. The goal with the mentor ship is to help each rider work their weaknesses, bond and grow as a team. We are excited to have these ladies involved with our program. We can‘t think of a better way to have Veloforma represented in the peloton. The development team will be racing stage races and single day events in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to seeing these ladies in Black, Red and White!!!!
Mark out :)