Monday, February 25, 2008

Quenton - Team Issue Ironclad bike!

So we just finished building up one of the team issue bikes for Ironclad. I have to say I was amazed when I finished the build. I grabbed the bike and thought Wow that's light!! So I grabbed a pair of race wheels and thru them on to see what was what. If I would have built this with Record, Red or Force. I wouldn't be so surprised that it was light and extremely light in a race set up. But this bike is built with a complete Campy Centaur Group. So long story short 15.65 lbs for a medium with 303 zipps not bad for an entry level groupo. I would say that I am starting to appreciate the lower end Campy stuff now. I still do not think it compares to Force or Red of course but it blows Rival, and mid and low level shimano a way!!!

Ironclad Team bikes

When out at Jack Frost Time Trial, Team Ironclad got to check out there new rig's that Veloforma made for them this winter. For lack of a better word it is way COOL to support this Team, we are more than please to be supporting them in the coming years. Check out a few shots of the frames. More updates on how other sponsored teams and riders did at J.K. Later this week when they get the results out. Til then Check it....

Mark Duff (Veloforma) and Captain Evil, aka Dave Aldersebaes (Ironclad) showing off the new Ironclad team Frame!!! Is it me or is Mark short?? As soon as we get results from this weekend, we'll post how others have done. Till then get out there and ride... enjoy that sunshine while we have it.

Logan Loader

Veloforma is pleased to announce that it has signed American espoir phenom Logan Loader. Last year Logan raced for the French development squad Sprinter Club de Nice. In 2008 Logan will be doing a full season for Sprint De Nice, and we are pleased to say that we will be supplying him with a Veloforma F1R with a full SRAM Force build. Most would think that going to France and being 18 to race your bike might be intimidating. But for Logan… well he seems to take the challenge very well. So well in fact, that in his first race in France he walked away with VICTORY in the Junior/Espoir race of the Grand Prix de Grasse. Logan went on to win SEVEN more races in his first season in Europe. So, it’s no surprise to see that he has been invited back. Logan’s results caught the eye of many, including Bissell Pro Cycling team management and the great Johan Bruyneel of Astana. But the best thing for Logan to do is race in Europe, honing his skills with the BEST – so that he can reach his goal of a Pro Tour Team. We are proud to be able to support Logan this season and wish him the BEST!!! Watch here for posts of what Logan is up to. Viva La France style. Until then…thanks for reading. Cheers Mark.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

08' Ultra and F1R

The F1R

The best just got a little better. For 2008 we use the same cutting edge technology as before, but we upgraded the carbon. Added an Alpha Q GS40 nano carbon fork. These new changes have made the bike 5% lighter and 20% stiffer. The F1R still has the proper compliance you need for proper ride feed back. This was the frame that started the integrated seat tube revolution. Unique tube shapes. High Modulus (3 part)Monocoque frame, with a blend of T700/800V carbon blends. We built the F1R with all the proper stress reinforcements for ride performance expected in a premium race rig. Only pure roadies need apply.

The unique down tube of the F1R! This bike sits at 14.5lbs but we don't even make a bike that doesn't sit in the 15lb catagory.

The Ultra

In the world of High Modulus carbon frames this is the ultra work horse. Same High Modulus carbon as in the F1R. Except this bike was design around carbon tubes, bonded to carbon lugs. Like all Veloforma’s we designed this bike with unique tube shapes. All designed to give a stiff, responsive and comfortable ride. Road race, Kermese, criterium, hill climb, this bike can do it all. Thus the name – the Ultra.

The classic lines of the Ultra - 14.75 lbs with 404's. I could race this bike anywhere as it is the do all machine that delivers time and time again.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It looks like a GT or a Ridley or, but its not...but it is, but it's not,but it is...not :)

James Huang caught this image for cycling news and made an great observation!!!
Jelly Belly is sponsored by GT Bicycles but GT doesn't actually offer a TT frame so it apparently procured some frames from elsewhere although we couldn't tell exactly what they really were.
I'll let the cat out of the Bag!! It's a Veloforma. Hope Tuckie likes it, and all the other bean boys! Unless your to tall and then you'll have to ride some weird alloy thing...

I know the boys at Predictor-Loto did... Check below, yes a Veloforma Crono (with Ridley decals) and a 3k weave. Used during the 07 season, this shot was take at the tour by the editor of
a few close ups of our head tube and rear-end...

now check below and view the Veloforma Crono, it just looks good in so many colors. But it looks best in it's true colors.

'08 D'lusso & Crono - Full Descriptions

Nano tube technology!!!

Veloforma is proud to introduce the “D’lusso”. One of the lightest, strongest, most technological advanced frames in the world. How can we claim this in the world of carbon hierarchy? Easy! Our frame average weight is 850 grams. We use tube to tube construction to make this supreme ride. We start the D’lusso with Toray T700 carbon. But we don’t stop there; we take it a step further by adding nano tube technology. This is the next step in the carbon fiber evolution. Nano technology makes the world’s strongest known material even stronger - without sacrificing weight. The D’lusso nano tech carbon boosts strength density ratio by an incredible 1600%. By incorporating carbon nanotubes into the D’lusso carbon resin matrix, we have greatly enhanced the impact strength, fatigue life and vastly improved ride quality where it counts. For 2008 this is going to be a limited production bike set at 50.

Crono - oh so FAST!!!

In the race against the clock this are no lies!!! What’s the truth about this ride? It’s FAST!!! So fast that it’s been one of the most copied models in the industry. Problem is they don’t have our carbon or bladder technologies to get it quite right. The Crono is designed for and conforms to UCI regulations. We have done extensive wind tunnel testing on this bike. It has been tested and proven at the highest level of sport. This is the ride for the time trialist in all of us.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

'08 D'oro - full description.

Veloforma’s unique line of bikes just became more so with it’s introduction of the D’Oro. Comfort, Speed, Frame design and ride quality. This combined with our passion for cycling makes each and every D’Oro special. But what makes it even more unique is its custom monocoque! We are the first in the industry to do it. If you’re serious about your ride, then this is the most essential tool to peak performance. Why? Or how you ask? Well the bike is your foundation; it anchors you to your pedal stroke. It must be rigid enough for proper power transfer. But compliant enough for proper feedback to the rider. Your frame is the most critical feature period. Nothing has more profound influence on comfort, power and performance than your frame. The D’Oro takes perfect fit one step further. If you want to go custom then the D’Oro has to be the bike of choice. 60 day turn around from the time we get your geometry and deposit.

Monday, February 11, 2008

08' line up quickie...

Ok - here is our 08' line up for now it's going to be pictures and a little text, when we have more time we will add more detailed information to each photo. But for now check out the sweet carbon bike porn!!!!

So First on our list of sweet rides is our all new CUSTOM, yes full custom - full monocoque frame called the D'oro (pictured above). Don't think because it's custom it's going to take for ever. Average turn around is 60 days from the time we get the measurements to our factory in Italy and of course get that deposit!!
Next up and also new to our fine line of carbon rides for '08 is the D'lusso!! It's our nano carbon wonder boy, this rig is super light, super stiff and responsive. Average weight 850grams (we take the weight from all 5 frame sizes, when posting our weights).
Your going to need to act fast if you want to ride this rig cause in '08 it's going to be a limited production bike, sitting at 50 - yes 50, once we hit fifty, she's done.
If you look really hard this weekend at Cherry Pie a few locals will be on a couple, namely SteveO - Gentle Lovers and John - with Nomads.

Nano Technology!!!
Here are some more pictures... I'm getting sick of this computer stuff after being in the shop all day. Enjoy!!!!
Carbon Cross CX1 Can you say "CROSS CRUSADE!!!!

What about Jack Frost!! You need one of these if you want to go FAST!!!!

ULTRA - Do anything machine!!!

You'll see a few of the south town velo folks on the ultra, as well as Ironclad on there custom setups that match there kits soon!!!

The F1R
The bike that started the integrated seat tube revolution!!!!

Go Fast - Be well.


Ok a little teaser before we make the official announcement. In the coming days Veloforma will be making a public announcement about a special rider we will have racing for us in France. A few clues are, he's not from Oregon, but from the good ol USA. He's under 23, actually under 20, but that's not to say he can't win a U23 race in Europe because he has... Actually more than a hand full,in '07. He won his first race ever enter in Europe and was invited to the Astana training camp!! We'll be more exact soon, and sooner than later. So stay tuned and watch for our official announcement on this young Phenom.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Veloforma to Sponsor PSU -Human Powered Vehicle

Just a quick news post! Veloforma is proud to sponsor the PSU - human power vehicle.
Check them out at
We look forward to working on this project.