Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And the winner is....

Thanks again to everyone that entered the raffles in support of the Eric Kautzky Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thanks to your entries, we raised $780. Add that amout to the $1300 we raised during the third annual Eric Kautzky Memorial Track Race, and our total contribution to Eric's fund is $2080.

Each year Eric's Fund provides a scholarship award to a deserving graduating senior from Tigard High who is pursuing a future in either sports medicine or biology (both subjects Eric taught at Tigard for over 24 years). Eric's family hand picks the senior based on a written essay, grades, and overall resume during his or her time as a student at Tigard High School.

And now to the winners. The drawings were held Friday night, July 25th, at the Alpenrose Velodrome. Anna Knoblock from Bike Central was our offcial drawer of the winning entries out of our large wicker basket.

In the first drawing, the winner of the LiveStrong cap personally autographed by Lance Armstrong is ---- Stephen Hemminger!

In the second and final drawing, the winner of the Veloforma F1R Road Frame is --- Barb Grover!

The winners will be contacted shortly and arrangements will be made accordingly for the delivery of their prizes.


Darell Provencher
Team Rose City

Big Smile.

It's been a little quiet on the home front for the Veloforma women's team. After Cascade it was time to take a break. I think that most people have been rejuvenated and are ready to rock, while others are winding down a bit and ready for the season to end. But wait it's only the end of July you say... well they have been racing every single weekend Since February. Cross is just around the corner. We are not going to field an official cross team this year, but we will have a few out racing for sure. When I look back of our first season (even though its not over yet) together I get a BIG SMILE! These ladies are awesome!!!

Pennington at the End of Silverton Road race.

Alice and Becka on the Podium @ Silverton.

Miranda on the rail at AVC.

Susan and Tina giving it all systems go with the gun show for Pennington in the feed @ cascade.

Alice and Tina - I think Tina looks pretty tuff in this helmet!!

Stars and Bars for Miranda and Jennifer.

The girls at Kings Valley.
The crew at Cascade.

There is still a lot of racing to be had with Hilary going to Nationals. High Desert this weekend which is the last of the Oregon Cup Races. Are Earthquaker and Heartbreaker going to make it?? They have been doing some High Altitude training in Colorado... looking forward to having the crew back together for this weekends events. Until then.....cheers

Monday, July 21, 2008

AVC & Short Track and more...

Road sprinters are tough, maybe a little crazy. But Track sprinters and particularly Keirin riders... well I just don't have a definition for them. The men and women of the Keirin are of a different breed of sprinter. Check out this video. It's from this weekends AVC here in Portland.
Glad everyone was OK.

Tony Kick of the Gentle Lovers went down hard on Sunday in the Scratch. It was a little scary at first. As he lay face down on the apron of the track. Thank fully he is OK. Last night at short track I heard he was pretty sore. I guess it's better to be sore than have broken bones. Get well soon Tony!!!

Raffle for F1R is coming to a close on July 25th - this is your chance to get an F1R on the cheap!!!
July 25 Raffle Drawing for Veloforma F1R Frame, Lance-autographed Livestrong Cap Date:
There's only 5 more days until we conclude a couple of raffles that will benefit the Eric Kautzky Memorial Scholarship Fund at Tigard High School. The drawing will be held July 25 at the Fast Twitch Fridays event at Alpenrose Velodrome. Winners need not be present to win. Raffle tickets can be purchased online (see below) until 1pm, Friday, July 25th. Or you can purchase in person at Alpenrose this Friday until 15 min before the drawing occurs.
Raffle tickets keep coming in for these two great prizes:
+ A Veloforma F1R carbon frame. Mark Duff, Founder and President of Veloforma, will ensure that you will have the right size F1R frame to meet your cycling needs. Check out www.veloforma.com and their cool blog at http://veloforma.blogspot.com/ . $15 per entry.
+ A raffle for a LiveStrong cap personally autographed by Lance Armstrong. Raffle tickets are $15 each).
You can pay online at www.paypal.com and click on "Send Money" (Fill out info in the "Send Money" box).
Then enter pay@teamrosecity.org as the e-mail address you want to send money to and fill in the blanks.
Please send an email to darellp@easystreet.net verifying which prize drawing you are paying for and how many tickets. Include your contact info (email address and/or phone) We will then write out your raffle ticket(s) and enter them into the drawing.
For more information about Eric Kautzky and Eric's Scholarship Fund at Tigard High School, go to www.teamrosecity.org
Thanks again for your support! (And please support the upcoming negligent homicide bill in the next session of the Oregon legislature --
Darell Provencher Team Rose City
-- Note NEW email address is darellp@easystreet.net -- no longer .com

Short track is a blast.

I needed to change things up a little bit and do something different.

If you need to change things up a bit too.. then check it out. http://www.portlandracing.com/info.html

Plus I HAD to get this rig out there and tear it up.

If you've been out at short track you may have also seen Tina Brubaker or Alice Pennington out on a VELOFORMA full carbon single speed Mtn. Bike. This is a prototype, but the final rig is better, stiffer and more responsive. Plus it will be available this fall after Interbike. Photo's of the final product will be out soon.

Time to head back to the shop. Go ride your bike.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Wow. It's Thursday. Where did the week go???

Just got back from Cascade (Monday @ around 2pm), the girls had a lot to prove and did an awesome job.

4th overall on Team GC, with a lot of excitement on stages 2 and 6. Wish I would of had time to post daily. But trust me, the racing was awesome and the Ladies stepped up. I'm proud!!

We had a lot of help at this race, without Martha, Tim, Jeff, Tina and Susan things would have been pretty tough.

A shot of the whole crew minus Martha. She is either taking the picture, off finding someone or staying on top of the many tasks it takes to be the awesome director she is....

Robin and Hilary went on the attack with 20k to go in stage 2... they get a 25 sec gap going into Sisters, then all of a sudden they are 1:50 on the pelaton and we can see the break of 7 up the road at 1min. It was crazy.
Kristen Armstrong (lifeforce-Cervelo) bridges to Hilary Billington and Robin Secrist (Veloforma/ZYM)on Stage 2. This was about 5k from the finish.

Man I need an assistant! I've got to go and not sure when this post will get finished so I'm going to post it as it is... anyone want to be my assistant. They pay stinks... zero.

Oh - the AVC starts tomorrow, there is local racing tonight at Alpenrose and next weekend we will be up at the FSA GP in Washington. Maybe I'll have time to finish this tomorrow?? Who knows. I doubt it.

But I will post more shot of each stage when I get a chance.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Cascade Update

The ladies are doing a great job so far at Cascade, currently sitting third in the team standings! Hilary and Robin attacked the field Thursday before the final climb, trying to bridge to the break. They didn't make it all the way, but they both finished great - Hilary 9th, Robin 11th. Alice, Becka, Sabrina, and Miranda are all rockin', too! Susan DNF'd Friday (not sure why). Look for a GC shake up Friday with the TT, and an even bigger shake up Saturday and Sunday with two more hard stages. It's a hard, hard race with two of the US Olympians (Kristin and Chrstine) in prime form plus a lot of other big teams and strong ladies.

Here's the link to the Cascade website: http://www.mbsef.org/CascadeCyclingClassic/

Also check Velonews and Cyclingnews for their race reports.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Packing & morning happenings

Currently packing for Cascade! Not fun. Although the week of Cascade is going to be a blast. Right now not fun... so I went to get some Java. Plus had some visitors this morning on my way into the Veloforma warehouse. OK time to get back to packing.... I have way to much to do before 2pm.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cat4 Series Update.

Race 3 is in the bag for the CAT4 Series.
Race three of the seven race series was the Fire Cracker Criterium down in Eugene. Racing was good, really good. Although I’d have to say turn out was poor, but also expected due to the holiday weekend. Collen Flaherty of Veloce won and has added to her lead. Tamara Metz (veloce) is in a close third and will like bump Beth Burns from second after the next race, if she dosen't some one will as Beth has gotten the upgrade. Speaking of upgrades Beth Burns, Heather Gundersen, Laura McGraw, and Abby Jenkins have all been upgraded to Cat 3’s congratulations Ladies!

Women 4 Race: Firecracker Crit Date: July 5, 2008
Place Number First Last Team
1 2976 Colleen Flaherty Veloce
2 2952 Kalli Phillips 3 2951 Tamara Metz Veloce
4 612 Kerri VandenBerg Poplollies
5 415 Tara Pemberton Poplollies
6 417 Sarah McCarthy Poplollies
7 1750 Sherry Jako Sorella Forte
8 412 Jill Andrews Poplollies
9 795 Anne Linton Sorella Forte
10 256 Judy Richardson Sorella Forte
11 252 Flo Leibowitz Pacific Power Blue Sky

Over all Series after Firecracker Criterium
**Please note these are not official results of the overall series.
Find out more about the series and results.

*riders in bold have been upgraded, Congratulations!!!!

Pl First Name Last Name Team Points
1 Colleen Flaherty Veloce 270.0
2 Beth Burns* Veloce 170.0
3 Tamara Metz Veloce 116.0
4 Sarah McCarthy Poplollies 84.0
5 Kalli Phillips 70
6 Tara Pemberton Poplollies 76.
7 Kira Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear 60.0
8 Anne Linton Sorella Forte 56.
9 Heather Gundersen* Veloshop 50.0
10 Sherry Jako Sorella Forte 44.0
11Judy Richardson Sorella Forte 40.0
12 Laura McGraw* Veloforma 40.0
13 Kerri VandenBerg Poplollies 40.0
14 Abby Jenkins* Bridgetown Velo 36.0
15 Carolyn Goodbrake Veloforma 32.0
16 Jill Andrews Poplollies 24

In house news Laura McGraw was second in her first Cat1,2,3 race a few weeks back (Salem Circuit race), I know she wanted the win, but we have a little in house rule and she knows what it is... I know a win is in the near future :). Laura is proving to be a criterium and track based rider as every time I talk about either type of racing her eye’s sparkle and she gets really excited. Now to just get her on the track more so she can improve on that sprint.

Cascade Starts on Wednesday. Hopefully I will have time to make posts. If not maybe I can get someone who can really write to do it. Thanks for reading

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Public Apology!

The other day I made a post about an issue I had with how a promoter was choosing to pick the Best Oregon rider at Cascade. In my rant, I did not think of how I would affect that rider. Although she remained nameless, it affected her and possibly others. It was not an attack on her, I did not mean to take anything away from her. I did not mean to make the claim that she did anything wrong or unethical. The rider in question was Suzie Weldon. She has raced at the highest level all over the US and abroad. She is by far one of the most professional, first rate racers we have in the Pacific Northwest. I would like to publicly apologies for my poor form and absolute disregard for another persons feelings. I am sorry Suzie, extremely sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone, most of all you. Wishing you the best at Cascade.
Mark Duff – President
Veloforma, Inc.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ok Folks the Cascade Classic is back.
What do I mean back??? Well the women will be racing in full force. Last year they Cancelled the women's event. Now it's BACK!!! Full force BABY!
Currently 80 women are signed up. All the big teams will be represented plus riders coming to freelance from squads like Cheerwine, Colavita, and Cervelo Lifeforce. The current major teams are as follows...WEBCOR, VALUE ACT CAPITAL, TOUCHSTONE, Team TIBCO, SHO-AIR/CVAC, BOBS, BICYCLE JOHNS, AARONS and VELOFORMA/ZYM. Looks like Wines of Washington is Team sho-air. Hope this year the Best Oregon rider is TRUELY an Oregon rider, something I have voice to the promoter.
Below is our roster for Cascade, we (meaning me, Martha, and sponsors) are excited that this event is back and hope it is here to stay. Of course meaning all CATs!
We will be having two guest riders on the squad Sabrina Savage (Phoenix, AZ) and Robin Secrist (Kirkland, WA) Both are up a coming talents that have proven there worthiness to ride with the Veloforma/Zym squad @ Cascade.

Below is the official press release.

at the
Cascade Cycling Classic
July 9-13, 2008
Bend, Oregon
The Veloforma/Zym elite women’s
cycling team is excited to be a part of
the return of women’s racing at the
Cascade Cycling Classic in 2008. With a
strong squad of many Oregon riders,
Veloforma/Zym continues its move into
national-level road racing.
Team riders have dominated local racing
in the Pacific Northwest this year and
look forward to the challenge of
welcoming the country’s top riders to
their playground.


Hilary is a stage race specialist who excels when the races are hard, fast,
long, and uphill. She started racing on the NRC circuit in 2007 and that
remains her focus. She began racing her bike occasionally in 1999 and
continued through the early 2000s between having her two boys, now ages
four and nearly seven. Her 2008 season highlights include Redlands
Bicycle Classic, Tour of Walla Walla, and two classics on the Oregon race
calendar, the Kings Valley road race and the Mt. Tabor circuit race.
Becka currently leads the 2008 competition for the coveted Oregon Cup, a
year-long points series. She has a long list of results from 2008 alone,
including first place in the final stage at the Elkhorn Classic stage race, first
place overall at the Willamette stage race, and a gold-medal performance
at the Oregon road race championship. In 2007 she won the Mt. Ashland
A powerful time trialist and criterium specialist, Miranda has returned to
bike racing in 2008 with outstanding results. Her first-place finishes this
year include individual and team time trials (with the Veloforma/Zym
squad) and the Willamette stage race criterium. Most recently, she won
the women’s FIAC national championship at the Alpenrose Sixday. In 2004
she won Oregon’s best all-around rider competition. She last competed at
the Cascade Cycling Classic in 2006.
www.veloforma.com / www.gozym.com
Susan raced in the 2007 Nature Valley Grand Prix, the 2005 USCF criterium
championships, and regional events in the Midwest before moving to
Portland last winter. She was part of Veloforma/Zym’s gold-medal time
trial team in 2008 and a contributor to teammate Rebecka Hartkop’s win in
the state road race championship.
Alice is a fixture in Oregon bike racing, both on the road and off. In June
she finished second at the Elkhorn Classic stage race in Baker City, and in
May she was Veloforma/Zym’s top rider at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, a
UCI event for women in 2008. She also won the Silverton and Table Rock
road races in 2008 and was part of Veloforma/Zym’s first-place team time
trial championship team. She won Oregon’s best all-around rider
competition in 2001, 2002, and 2003. She last raced in the Cascade
Classic in 2004.
A native of Albany, Oregon, Sabrina started bike racing in February 2008
after getting “hooked” by recreational riding in Missouri. From her home in
Phoenix, Sabrina has traveled to regional races in Arizona and also to
bigger events in Southern California, including the Manhattan Beach Grand
Prix and Green Trolley Criterium in late June. She also competed in the
Vuelta de Bisbee. Living and training in Phoenix guarantees that she is
acclimated to the temperatures usually found at the Cascade Classic.
Robin has vaulted to the top echelon of bike racing in 2008, her first season
as a competitive cyclist. In the two months that she’s been an elite
(category 2) rider, Robin has won the Methow Valley Tour and finished
second at the Wenatchee Omnium stage race and the Tour of Walla Walla.
In her short time as category 4 rider, she held the leader’s jersey in
Washington’s Luna Cat 4 Women’s Series. Robin won the Seafair Triathlon
in Seattle in 2007 and was training for Ironman Canada 2008 until she
decided to devote herself full-time to bike racing.

This team is founded on a core set of beliefs: passion, knowledge, and experience based on hardwork, determination, and teamwork. These same values are found in the companies of
VELOFORMA, ZYM, and supporting sponsors. Elite team members are chosen not solely based on results but on how well they work in a team environment and represent their sponsors in and out of competition. We showcase a diverse team of strong professionals who are true ambassadors to sport and life. VELOFORMA/ZYM is proud to be associated with these vibrant women who are capable of incredible things both on and off the bike, and who come from all walks of life.