Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VF Cross.

It’s that time of year again. Fall = Cyclocross, which for Portland means Cross Crusade. As usual they are heavily attended events. 1400 + racers at the CC#1, not sure on CC#2, but a little bird told me 1300+ showed up in Sherwood for CC #3. This is racers not spectators.

Cross is getting BIGGER in the states. In Oregon it’s Huge!! With popularity comes more press. Heidi Swift (who VF is lucky enough to have racing for them) is doing Cyclocross-Diaries for Wend Magazine. You should check it out the episodes here:


Or check out Heidi’s blog http://everydayathleteblog.com/

The VF ladies are doing awesome. Chase, Huggins, Swift, and Peithman are killing it in the VF colors in the B’s and seem to be having fun heckling each other while racing. Schwitzer and Wills has been given it in the A’s.

But the word of the day is…Pennington!!! Alice has been having an awesome cross season thus far, and she hasn’t even found her legs. As Alice puts it - “It’s just a matter of getting more fitness so that I can actually attack and drop her,” Pennington said. This stated in an interview with Pat Malach about beating Wendy Williams. Who is by the way racing awesome. With 3 wins in the CC thus far. But with 8 starts since Sept 23th. Alice has had five wins, two seconds, and one third. Alice is knocking on the door of a CC win soon. We will be cheering for you ALICE!

Another note- Alice has also be getting Veloforma a lot of press in Velonews. http://www.velonews.com/photo/99403
Which has us very HAPPY!!! Thank you Alice.

Here is a closing shot of Alice at Sherwood race #3. I pulled this from Pat Malach blog.You can check out great race and photo coverage here -



Thanks for reading.