Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Days of Fun

So Paul Mautner and I did the Alpenrose 6 Day. Having a solid partner is always amazing. It makes racing that much more fun. For us it was about getting out on the track, finding our legs, and making good exchanges. With the added benefit of having a ton of fun. Which we did. The week went by really fast, a lot faster than expected. Another crazy thing for me. I felt the best on days five and six, so I guess the old legs do like more intensity and miles than I thought.

If your not familiar with the track you can check out OBRA's track info here - anyone can ride it. There are classes on Wednesday evening. You can rent a track bike for $5.00. The best five bucks you'll spend. Info about track classes can be found at the above link too. Classes start at 6pm. You should give your self 30 mins to get signed up and get your track bike. Classes have been an average of about 3 groups of 10 each.

Above photo by Ed Norton - We are not holding hands here... although it does look like it. We are at the beginning of our exchange. Paul is getting ready to toss me in and go on relief. Above photo by Ed Norton -

If your not to sure what is going on here. A great way to understand the history of Madison/6 Day racing you should go here Wiki has some excellent info on the history of 6 day racing.

Top and bottom two photos by Laura McGraw -
Special thanks to the Murray's for making this event happen for the last 17 years. I know that it takes a lot of people to put on this event!!!! Thank you to all who made it happen. We are lucky to have this event in our back yard. I look forward to many more years of this joyful event!! Go FAST turn left!!
Also thanks to Spencer Williams (, Laura McGraw and Ed Norton. All amazing photographers who came out to capture the action.