Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HOT off the PRESS!!

Well, Hilary is getting Famous : ). Second post for her on the
Awesome Hilary, awesome!! Way to go girl. Oh and love the helmet! - Not!!!
Any how you can click on the link below are read about her adventure at natz!
Love the shot above. Love it.

At Eugene cycling Celebration down in Eugene. Becka Crushed it. Winning the overall in style. Way to go Becka. I can't think of a better way for Veloforma to close out the season. The really cool thing is she did it with out team support. Proving how truly talented she really is...

Hope to have some shots of Becka from Eugene later in the week (shot above is Hilary at Natz). One last note, I feel really lucky to have put a team together that has done so well, both on a regional and national schedule. These ladies have proven they can ride with the best. And they are all riders from the Pacific NW. I think they have also proven that they are one of the strongest teams in the Pacific Northwest. The '09 Season will have lots of excitement with the team doing Redlands, MT Hood (or Tour of Oregon - what ever they are going to call it) and Cascade for stage races. We will be doing Tour of CA Crit and Nevada City classic - Nevada City CA, plus 6-7 more one NRC races next year. Until our next post enjoy.