Monday, January 28, 2008

Old news but something....

OK - the weather stinks and I am sick of the rain. But yeah it's the Northwest so I should stop complaining. So here at little ole Veloforma we are hard at work in getting our new catalog out for the Seattle International Bike Expo. Plus getting our new booth ready for Seattle, Canada and Vegas shows later this year. When can we move to a 48 hour day? 'Cause right now there's not enough time in a day.

On a bummer of a note - got bumped from the NAHBS, which sucked and is BS, but it's just going to make us prove that we deserve to be there. Plus we have the right to be there... All of our bikes are designed here in the good ole USA and handmade by me and a few Italians over in Italy. So next year we plan on exhibiting at NAHBS!!! We are hard at work to prove we have the right to exhibit in '09.

Okay - back to what's at hand. We are hard at work on a new full carbon single speed cross rig, and doing prototypes for a full carbon 29er Mtn bike which is both geared and single speed. We're also working on improving our awesome TT rig, so it can be even faster. The nano has been moved to a limited addition for the '08 season. The woes of being a little company, dealing with a crummy dollar and a strong Euro...

This is just a little teaser, but we have a lot going on for our '09 product line and will have two new full custom models for '09. For '08 we are the only bike manufacturer in the US to offer a full custom monocoque frame, and it's just going to get better from here on out. The '08 product line will be posted on the blog soon, while we work on a revamp of the website.

So until then check out some old news about Veloforma from this past year.

Until our next post, may the wind be at your back and may you have a no chain day!!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting things rolling...

Well it's '08 and time to get this blog rolling. We've had it for a year and this is the first post. In the next few weeks we should start to have more solid content. As for now, you can check out some of the blogs or websites that we have listed. They are mostly cycling related friends, racers or those in the industry we look to for guidance. We are excited for '08 as we have worked hard each year to bring something to the table for the industry to look at... this year is no exception.

We moved our manufacturing back to Italy after this years Eurobike. It was a move we wanted to make but wanted to do it slowly. As things turned out at Eurobike, it was time to move and move quickly. That being said, we now partner with Dedaicciai and LaVerMec in Italy and we are now back to our roots. We can now boast well over a 100 collective years of experience in the cycling ranks. We are now a strong manufacturing arm of said companies.

While many in the bicycle manufacturing are still figuring out the composite game, and relying on the Asia market, Veloforma is taking a different route in the industry. We are American owned, but our products will be Italian made, being one of the only US manufacturers to make their bikes in Italy. By the end of '08 we will be manufacturing 100% in Italy. We are extremely excited about the changes we have made, and we look forward in what we are going to bring to the market place.

Our goal in the industry is to be the foremost carbon fiber boutique manufacturer. We plan on doing this with what is possibly the most comprehensive line up of bikes in the industry. Our goal has always been to manufacture a frame in every medium carbon has to offer and do it in a high end product. No middle or low end bikes will come from Veloforma. This is my promise to the consumer.

All the industry marketing hype would have you believe that quality and performance of carbon is dependent solely on high modulus, but that doesn't always mean "better". We will back it up with our very distinctive proprietary process and industry relationships. But no where will that be more applicable than in ride and performance of our bikes. Ride one and we think you'll agree.

Until next time...may the wind always be at your back.