Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes - I have been a major slacker. But hopefully that will change soon.
The ladies have been racing a lot and doing awesome. So much so I need to sit down and recap the last 6 weeks. They have been winning all over the country, and at home here in Oregon.
For now it Redlands Team GC Results.
We had a lot of bad luck at Redlands. It started with losing several key riders before the start due to sickness. Then a crash in the TT. Mechanical in Stage one, plus two crashes and just utter chaos due to NO radio communication in the race caravan. I guess it doesn't do any good to have $4000.00 radios when they don't work? But the ladies rallied and did what they could to keep us in the team GC running. We lost Robin to the time cut in Stage one, ONLY to a mechanical. At the national level if you get a blow dealt this deep and do not get mechanical help quickly it's game over... FAST. Especially when the ladies were reaching speed of 50 mph and the Santana winds raging.

We lost our GC rider in the crit to a crash. Melissa did get up and finish. But could not start the next day. We actually thought she broke her hip. Thank goodness it was a false alarm. Ends up she has a major sprain to the ligaments to the hip and a few bruised bones. But she is already on the mend and looking to do Gila before she meets up with the team at Joe Martin.
Our bad luck continued in Stage three when Alice bridge to the front group, which isn't bad luck but what transpired later was... This group split again, into two groups. When trying to re- bridge to the front group she got missed directed on the course. At that point it's tuff to make up what you have lost so pretty much - game over. She ended up finishing in a group of six.
Christina aka barn diva is recovering from a lot of major road rash, from hitting the tarmac several times. But all in all everyone is motivated to race and be strong for Joe Martin. We are lucky to have Scott Warren helping out at this event. Super lucky, more later...

So here is Team GC from Redlands. I am super proud.

25th Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic
March 26-29, 2009
TEAM GENERAL CLASSIFICATION AFTER STAGE 3 Beaver medical Group Sunset Road Race - Stage 3
Women 1-2
OFFICIALPL TEAM--------------------- TIME--- DIFF---
1 Team Tibco 20:57:09
2 Team Columbia Highroad 20:57:21 @ :12
3 Webcor Builders Cycling T 20:57:45 @ :36
4 Value Act Capital 21:01:06 @ 03:57
5 Colavita Sutter Home 21:01:14 @ 04:05
6 Team Type 1 21:02:14 @ 05:05
7 Canadian National Team 21:32:08 @ 34:59
8 Touchstone Climbing 21:49:50 @ 52:41
9 Veloforma / Zym 22:05:31 @ 1:08:22
10 DFT p/b Treads 22:12:05 @ 1:14:56
11 Metro VW 22:16:31 @ 1:19:22
12 Nurnberger Shoair 22:29:48 @ 1:32:39
13 Wines of Washington 22:31:34 @ 1:34:25
14 Specialized D4W/Bicycle H 22:36:55 @ 1:39:46
15 Team Lip Smackers 22:39:55 @ 1:42:46
16 Velo Classic Tours / Incy 22:58:32 @ 2:01:23
17 Kahala LaGrange 23:58:29 @ 3:01:20

Some of the girls are racing at Cherry Blossom this weekend. My bet is on Secrist. That's if I was a betting man. :)
Remember - The only one who can tell you, you can't is you. And you don't have to listen. So go out there and Kill it.

Until next time...