Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Happenings

First off Congratulations to all who got out and raced this weekend!

But before we get to racing did you guys see that moon? Amazing!

It was a low key weekend at Veloforma, Miranda and I enjoyed the first day of spring hanging out with the dogs, drinking coffee and a late afternoon ride. The weather was perfect, although I actually over dressed. The sun and breeze felt so good, it’s hard to believe that in a few more weeks and I’ll be racing, which I look forward too. It’s been a while since I really raced and trained, it’s been on the back burner for a few years, but this year’s gonna be a little different. Lack of racing has mostly been due to running a team, on top of work and family obligations. I don’t know how some of you family folks do it, but I admire you from afar.

This weekend’s racing was down in Salem - The Willamette Capital Cup Criterium, course looked good, it also looked like it was a mix of wet and dry conditions। You can catch the results here -

Plus coverage was also done by Oregon’s Pat Malach of Oregon Cycling Action - great photos by a bunch of Oregon racers and photographers are on his site from this past weekend’s action.

Looks like Karsten Hagen of West End Bikes was down in sunny Tucson, racing in the Tucson Bicycle Classic. Lucky dog! You can check out his stage reports on Pat’s site too. Speaking of West End Bikes I need to stop by and check it out. I am embarrassed to I have not been by yet, it’s on my to do list.

Special Shout out to Team Ironclad, there was a lot of black and yellow out this weekend. With some impressive racing. Drew Willis had a strong race in the 1/2. Monster team work in the 3’s race with Crawford getting second with help from Harwood, Thompson, Crouch and Penner.

The Ironclad ladies put a capital T in Team work, helping Brianna Walle get the W in the ladies CAT 3 and Anna Clark in the 4’s race. A little bird told me that Anona Whitley, Lana ” Lanaimal” Pressey, Stephanie Croy and Anna Christiansen work very well together. You gotta love it when you race like a team.

You can find the Ironclad race report -

This weekend also had an impromptu King Kong #3 as I saw Ira Ryan and a few role by the office on Sunday. I have done this ride solo, but it would be super fun to actually ride one of these true King Kong rides with the bunch some day.

On a closing note we wish Sam Nicoletti of Gentle Lovers a speedy recovery from a training accident that happen on Sunday. We know you will be back at it straight away. Wishing you all the best Sam.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carson Miller

Last year we were lucky to sponsor our favorite U23 rider Carson Miller. Carson had an amazing season riding on both US and European soil. So much so he signed with Jelly Belly Professional Cycling team for 2011. Watch Carson and his season progress as he tackles some of the toughest races on the NRC circuit and heads back over to Europe. You can follow Carson blog Follow Carson on Twitter, as he loves to post about his rides and what culinary delight he is having for dinner. Carson eats like a herd of horses, but what pro rider doesn’t like copious amounts of food in the pantry.

Here is to a great season Carson! Rock it my man!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Update.

Monday Racing Update.

First off I know we've been gone for a while, but we are now back and will use this blog until we get the journal page up on the new website.

Congratulations to all Veloforma Sponsored riders that raced this weekend’s venues, Drew Willis, Alice Pennington, Joel Crouch, Mark Crawford, Elise ”Super Mom” Huggins, Megan “Cinzano” Chinberg and Stephanie “meatball” Chase. I know there was probably more out at the races so I am sorry if I did see your results… I won't be out racing for a few more weeks.

It was typical pacific northwestern Belgian style weather. Notables of the weekend, Alice Pennington decided to race with the Pro 1,2 men and finish a respectable 17th in the bunch, thus scoring Oregon cup points with the men, nice job AP. If she raced the women’s race I would have picked Alice for the solo win. But I know she needs the mileage and intensity for Redlands.

In the masters 40 plus race Mark Crawford of Ironclad Performance Wear - won the fields sprint for 2nd, nice job Crawford! Veloforma is a proud sponsor of this team for 4 years and counting. Gonna be cool to see the Ironclad ladies line up later in the year on all the same bikes as Ironclad has stepped up big time, more on that later…

Upper Echelon Fitness Women’s Cycling team fielded a small but strong squad of 3 for the first of the Oregon cup series. Elise Huggins aka super mom finished the highest for the team in 4th. Huggins, Chase and Chinberg aka cinzano put in a valiant effort in some really nasty weather. Speaking of valiant efforts Cinzano did some major hard racing and lots of seat time in the car this past weekend. On Saturday she raced Echo Red to Red in Echo, Oregon where she finished 4th then high tailed it to BB #2 for Oregon Cup #1.

The Oregon race season is here and you can check out all the racing and race coverage at Pat Malach site -

this past weekend events here