Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taken our Licks.

We'll we have been taken our licks and learning.

What do they say... you have to learn to lose in order to win.

This pass weekend was tough to say the least... going in to the final stage with the leaders jersey. Then losing it in a 20 mile stage is a tough one to swallow. Twenty miles instead of 100+ (due to weather) isn't really much of a race. But it's what they decided and we live by it. It's also why Elkhorn is an Epic stage race. You never ever know what the Elk is gonna toss your way. Until next year...
Next up Cascade Classic... we got a hella team for this RACE!!! It's gonna be fun. Russell and Martha will be running the show. I'll be on the side lines looking on...
Four days after Cascade USA Cycling National Championships. Who knows what's in store it's gonna be a fun ride.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Wow! Time just flies...
So much has happen with the team. I know I'll miss something.
Probably a lot but here goes.

Not racing related, but none the less note worthy. Jeff Jensen is the proud owner of the last 09' D'lusso. It's such a pretty bike. Wish we could make more than 50 a year. But that nano carbon is just to spendy for a little company like ours. Enjoy Jeff.

Elise was 6th Mt. Hood crit and held down 6th over all in the 3/4 women. Hope she realizes that she can ride a criterium now. Great Job Elise. Elkhorn watch out. Didn't have a shot of Elise tearing it up at Hood. So I have to put up a TTT photo. Which by the way THEY tore it up ironman/women style earlier this year.

The first Mt. Tabor and Jennifer Schweitzer gets the win in the women's 4 race. NICE!!!

Pennington was out rocking Tabor as well, getting second to mtn. biker Sue Butler. But she didn't feel like she raced enough. So Alice went back out with the guys and towed them around too.

Bad Luck at PIR as of late... with a lot of crashes in the women's open field. Last week both Susan and Gundy aka poo bear. Got taken out at the front. Please be careful out there people. We have had far to many crashes.

Sabrina aka half-pint is the Arizona state road Champion. Which adds to her Az. Criterium Champion title earlier in the year. Rumor has it she broke away with our soon to be addition Anna aka pocket rocket. Put major time on the field. Then went solo form here partner and finished 10 minutes ahead of the field. Anna stayed away making it a 1,2 punch. Awesome job ladies.

The dynamic duo that tore up the AZ state road race above.

Christina Smith was at Nature Valley and had a very successful week. Lots of top 10's for the Barn Diva. Way to go Christina.

Robin, Alice, Susan and Melissa will be in attendance for the elite team at Elkhorn. We will also have a bunch of the development ladies out racing too. It gonna be a sea of black, red and white. Good luck to all.

With the likes of Melissa, Robin, Christina, Becka, Alice, Erin and Brei Cascade is looking good. Elk horn is gonna be a great prep race for some, others are doing races and training in Colorado at high altitude. Cascade is gonna be fun.

All for now... Cheers!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Third & Sixth Overall at Mt Hood!!!

On the podium Pitel 1st, Goldtein 2nd, McWhirter 3rd.
Getting the call up... Alice Mt Hood favorite, and Melissa.

Today was the final stage of the Mt.Hood Stage race. As I sit at Doppio in Hood River to get this post out...before heading home. I couldn't be more proud of Melissa, Alice and Erin. Our Elite ladies did awesome. Melissa finishing 3rd, Alice 6th and Erin finishing 18th on GC. It would have been nice to have a full squad. Enabling us to share the work and have different cards to play. But we did what we could and came away with GREAT results. The field may have been smaller than in years past, it was still world class. Edwig Pitel won, she is a two time world track champion in the scratch race. Plus a 4 time national TT champion of France. Having to beat Jeannie Longo to claim this title. Obviously -VAC Leah Goldstein (finishing second) is world class competitor. Winning Mt Hood on 3 other occasions if memory serves me correct. For Melissa to win a stage, carry the jersey for a day and finish third next to these ladies has to feel good. It confirms what I already knew and now other should too. She is going to be a long standing threat in women's professional racing for years to come. Congrats to all my VF ladies. I am very PROUD!!!
working the deal, try to figure out how to bring back 8 sec on Pitel... ??
getting in a good warm up!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mt. Hood TT

Melissa in Yellow - Stage 1.

Today was the TT. Windy is an understatement. No records will be broke, but the pain cave was deep. Top 4 women.
TT Stage Resulst top 4
1st Edwige Pietel - France
2nd Leah Goldstein - VAC
3rd Patricia Bailey - Wines
4th Melissa McWhirter - Veloforma

GC after Stage 2

1st Pietel - France

2nd Goldstein - VAC

3rd McWhirter - Veloforma

Special note Alice Pennington is sitting 6th over all. So we have two sitting high in GC. Which gives us options. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day for all...

The Ladies on the podium, after stage one.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mt Hood & in Yellow!!!

Melissa taking the stage win and getting ready to dawn the Yellow jersey!!!
Melissa bring it, and taking the win!!!!
The team has gotten off to a great start at Hood.
Yesterday in the prologue we went 5th and 6th, with Melissa and Alice.
Results can be found here:
Today was the Cooper Spur stage 1
The ladies rocked it with the win and taking the overall GC.
GC is here
Tomorrow is the TT and Melissa is a TT specialist as well as a climber. So going into this she is 2 Sec a head of Farina and 9 sec a head of Goldstein. It's anyones bet on who will pull it off. I know what Melissa is capable of. My money is on her all the way to the finish. I will be in the follow car helping send all the positive energy I can, as if some how I can pedal the bike.
Looking at the Top 10 a lot can happen, we have 3 really strong riders who can do a lot. One thing is for certain, I am very proud of all my VF ladies and how they are racing. It's nice to see it come together. They work hard and deserve the rewards of there success. Especially after losing so many key riders coming in to hood. Not having a full team had me wondering, the wonder is over and I now know they are ready to race hard.

Alice taking control.

The calm before the storm.

Given it and in the hurt box to the line!!

All photo's PAT MALACH http://www.oregoncyclingaction.com/