Monday, December 8, 2008

Development Team Roster!!

Well it’s that time of year, announcing new team members and what is happening in the Veloforma house in regards to racing. Cross or at least cross crusade is over. Cross Natz is a week away (we will not make the trip this year). Last year was an epic journey, once was enough. So it’s time to think about the road again, or at least planning, after a little rest. Veloforma has been fortunate enough to add to its development team this year. Last year we had 3 development women (Carrie Goodbrake, Laura McGraw, Jennifer Withers) all returning for ’09. We have added 5 new riders (Stephanie Chase, Heather Gunderson, Elise Huggins, Erica Loder, and Heidi Swift). Bring our development team roster to a very strong and amazing 8 ladies, it could go as high as 10 but not higher. Side note - elite team to be covered on a later date. These ladies will be riding with the elite team as much as possible, taking the next step in their progression as racers. The development and the elite teams are going to be working hand in hand. We will be doing a mentor program with each team member matching elite/development riders together. The goal with the mentor ship is to help each rider work their weaknesses, bond and grow as a team. We are excited to have these ladies involved with our program. We can‘t think of a better way to have Veloforma represented in the peloton. The development team will be racing stage races and single day events in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to seeing these ladies in Black, Red and White!!!!
Mark out :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NRC Schedule

Here is the '09 NRC Schedule for our Pro Women.

Team members and press release coming soon.

We've upped it a little this year. We have also added some amazingly talented women. We are going to be winning some races on the NRC schedule for sure.

Date, Category, Race, City, State.

14-16 Feb 2.4 Amgen tour of California Women's Stage Race w Various, California

26-29 Mar 2.2 Redlands Bicycle Classic b Redlands, CA

11-17 May 2.1 Oregon Pro Cycling Classic B Portland, OR

7-Jun 1.1 Liberty Classic (women) w Philadelphia, PA

28-Jun 1.3 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix b Manhattan Beach, CA

22-26 Jul 2.3 Cascade Cycling Classic b Bend, OR

12-Sep 1.5 Priority Health Grand Cycling Classic presented by Spectrum Health w Grand Rapids, MI

13-Sep 1.5 Priority Health Ann Arbor Cycling Classic presented by Saint Joseph Mercy Medical System w Ann Arbor, MI

TBD US Crit Finals – Vegas In conjunction with Interbike.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Awesomeness!!

As EQ would put it. Random Awesomeness!!
At least until the last rain. Which stripped all the leaves. But before we started to get pummeled with rain, the sun came out at the house the other day & I took this picture.
Hope everyone had a great week. Think about what made it Awesome. If you can't think of anything, just think back a little further. We've always got a little random Awesomeness some where.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

PEZ, PDX Bicycle Studio & S.R.

The girls did good! They knew Richard Pestes (publisher of PEZ) was a softy when it came to attractive women. So he had to come by the booth and see whats up. Click on the link and scroll down.

We are working with Molly Cameron ( and Portland Bicycle Studio (, we currently have her on a Stealth '09 R7. So far feed back has been good.

From Molly's blog - "I am currently on this sweet 2009 Veloforma R7 carbon fibre racing machine.
It is damn nice. I’ve only put a few rides on it so far but, I am impressed.
I’ll be putting a mini-review up on Portland Bicycle Studio when I get a sec to snap some pics."

The Girls have been rocking it in cross.

Weekend and week day rides are starting to pick up and it's that time of year - Base miles!!! Our Travel team is going to need to be ready for the Tour of California which starts on Valentines day (Feb 14-16). So I guess I'll have roses for all the girls at the start Line. :) then on to Redlands (March 26-29) Followed by Oregon Pro Cycling Classic in May and finishing there major Stage races with Cascade July 22-26.

Any how that's all for now. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

$63 Million.

$63 million, not bad. (Especially since the regional economy is $17 billion).
THAT it is what the cycling industry as a whole is worth to Oregon. It also provides 800 Jobs.
For more information check out bike Portland dot org. For the full story.

Racing NEWS - The McGraw separates her shoulder yesterday. Get well soon Laura!!! Yes - you now must refer to Laura as The McGraw. She will now refer to her self in the third person just like the Rock (WWF). SHE separates her shoulder on lap 2 and puts it back in on her own, then still goes on to finish the race. This course was super bumpy. The final laps had to hurt. So for all you ladies out there that think she's to pretty to race a bike. ;) She put the grrrr in girl. I don't think most guys would have finished including this one...

Women A Results from CC#2

Pennington currently doing cross for Desalvo - Rocked it and got 2nd!!!
EQ - Vanilla 7th
Heartbreaker - 13th

Goodbrake 30th Veloforma
Chase 31st Ironclad -Veloforma '09
The McGraw 33rd Veloforma

Very cool to see the large numbers for the women events. Hope to see these numbers continue to the road/mtn season.

MD out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Peithman Power!!

Brandon Arends (rides for Ironclad - took an awesome shot of Susan Peithman this past weekend playing in the muck at Alpenrose on her Veloforma Carbon CX1.

I Love Oregon cyclocross!! I think you would be hard pressed to find any place in the USA that has 119 single speeders at the line up. Way cool. I so want to get my rig dirty. Maybe next weekend. :)
Isn't she pretty!!! And comes in at just about 12 lbs. NOT bad...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BikeRumor Review!!! did a nice review about us at interbike. Thanks to Laura and her PR skills. Check it out. He got a few facts mixed up but all in all a very good job. Cheers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Vegas!!!

Getting ready to go for a ride a day before the show.
Heading out of our oasis. It was so nice to stay in Summerlin, instead of the strip. If I had to live in Vegas this is the place. We could ride to the entrance to Red Rocks in about 10-15 minutes.
Entrance to Redrocks. The roads are awesome and the shoulder is wide. I will have to spend some time here this winter when I get sick of the rain.
At the top of the look out in Redrocks. A very fun loop to do if you wanted to get an easy 2hrs ride in. Perfect to clear the head before the show.

Happy that I'm out on a ride, surrounded by good positive people, in the sun, and ready for the show!!
What you see when you ride by Calico Basin.
If you wanted to get in some night life. The red rock was about 5 minutes away. We spent one night eating over priced sushi an Hachi. It was fun and of course part of the Vegas experience.
Cross Vegas baby! It was fun Tina, Laura, Susan, Sabrina, Tim, Mike, Missy... the whole gang came out to see good racing and of course Lance.
Mike and Tim setting up to serve some barley pops!!!

The Crew taking pictures of Lance as he rides by.... go Lance go!!!
Miranda and Tina... All smiles!!
Some of the gang hanging out a Vegas Cross!!! By the way didn't get a picture but Sue Butler is rocking it!!! Way to go Sue.
Lance was in the house!!! It was way cool to see these guys and how fast the lead group was going compared to the chase group. All on grass. Another cool note was watching Adam Craig in the lead bunch hop the barriers and ride the run up. He did this every time. Way cool!!!
Guess I can't believe it. What it is... not sure...

Just being a nut.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The 2008 addition to Interbike is over!!! Yeah!!!

Show was good, but I don't care what the spin doctors say NUMBERS were way down.

But that didn't mean we didn't have a good show we did, but that being said you can see that shops are hold on there pennies tighter. He's a few shots from Vegas!!!

You can click on any picture to see a larger version.

Top photo is the house we rented for the week, we got some riding in before and after the show. Above is Hittman and myself getting some final preparations done on the Mtn. bike the night before we could begin set up at Sands.
Jon laying down the carbon pattern flooring.
Flooring is in and the back drops set, now just need to put the bikes in and we can go for a ride.

A little out of order but me and some of the Veloforma women at the show. From left to right (Laura, Miranda, Mark, Sabrina, Tina and Susan).

The booth in a finished state, and we are ready to go blow off some steam with a ride into Red rocks.
Jon and I talking about the new Mille R - this bike is coming in two versions the R 860grams and the SLR the later model is sub 800 grams.
Tim and Laura, Laura is holding one of our models we didn't get finished before the show. But we did get a few hand delivered to us at the show... so shops got to see it in the raw form.
Me and mans best friends. I am for sure a dog person. Actually and animal person. But I love dogs, all types. This was taken at a BBQ on the last day. It was nice to just chill and talk with friends.

This is what we saw every morning on our ride out to Redrocks.

More to come...this will be in three installments. More show cross vegas/us crit finals - Which Sabrina got 7th!!!!.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HOT off the PRESS!!

Well, Hilary is getting Famous : ). Second post for her on the
Awesome Hilary, awesome!! Way to go girl. Oh and love the helmet! - Not!!!
Any how you can click on the link below are read about her adventure at natz!
Love the shot above. Love it.

At Eugene cycling Celebration down in Eugene. Becka Crushed it. Winning the overall in style. Way to go Becka. I can't think of a better way for Veloforma to close out the season. The really cool thing is she did it with out team support. Proving how truly talented she really is...

Hope to have some shots of Becka from Eugene later in the week (shot above is Hilary at Natz). One last note, I feel really lucky to have put a team together that has done so well, both on a regional and national schedule. These ladies have proven they can ride with the best. And they are all riders from the Pacific NW. I think they have also proven that they are one of the strongest teams in the Pacific Northwest. The '09 Season will have lots of excitement with the team doing Redlands, MT Hood (or Tour of Oregon - what ever they are going to call it) and Cascade for stage races. We will be doing Tour of CA Crit and Nevada City classic - Nevada City CA, plus 6-7 more one NRC races next year. Until our next post enjoy.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow! A lot has been going on while I have been in my cave getting ready for interbike (booth 6570 by the way) Let see. This weekend is the last in the Cat 4 series, it's double points so things are a little crazy and the racing should be good. Not sure who is leading the series as ladies have been getting lots of upgrades.
On the Veloforma home front Becka Hartkop was 2nd at the Boulder Roubaix to Team Columbia racer Mara Abbot. Way to go Becka - maybe she will show up and walk away from the field at this weekends race. Rumor has it she is flying. Let's hope Becka makes an appearance. Becka please race, please... oh and send me some photo's of the Roubaix.
Tina won the state Criterium Championships a race that has long alluded her. I think before this win her best was 5th. Way to go earthquaker!!! Photo by Ed Norton

Tina was also sighted in Beijing, which she said was absolutely amazing. To get to be at the the Olympics, Wow way cool!!!

Carrie Goodbrake rocked it at the State hill climb and with her climbing prowess gett'n the big W!!!

to make the win even sweeter the family was in town to see the victory!!

Oh and if I can get this rolling too. We will have a way cool and very sexy and tasteful calendar at interbike. Check the cover mock up. And no you will not see Becka's foot in the final draft. Thanks to all the ladies for doing this, and most of all Laura McGraw for all her hard work. Not only is she an awesome racer but is a excellent photographer

One last note check out Hilary's Diary on Cyclingnews!!! She is being coached by Mike Engleman who runs the us womens development program. Here is the link to Hilary's post.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hilary 5th @ Natz!!!!

She rocked it!!!

Great Job Hilary.

MD out.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Inter Bike - spy photo's

Well - we are under two months away from interbike. It is crunch time to say the least. We will have several new rigs at the show. One new road frame, one new cross frame - single speed and our new mtn. bike. The mtn. bike has been a two year work in progress and I am very pleased with what we have as a final version. Check it out. Can you say SEXY!!!!

You can click on the pictures for a bigger version of the photo

I actually did not want to enter the mtn bike portion of the industry. I just wanted to focus on Road and Cross bikes. But when this rig got finished it was hard for me to say NO. And of course there is the added two years of $$, R&D Blah, Blah, Blah. So it's a go, and it's name is the Grundig - after the grundig world cup series of the late 80's early 90's. Yes I'm dating myself. :)

More spy phoo's of our Single Speed cross bike and New road rig will be up soon.

Have a great day and go ride your bike.



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And the winner is....

Thanks again to everyone that entered the raffles in support of the Eric Kautzky Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thanks to your entries, we raised $780. Add that amout to the $1300 we raised during the third annual Eric Kautzky Memorial Track Race, and our total contribution to Eric's fund is $2080.

Each year Eric's Fund provides a scholarship award to a deserving graduating senior from Tigard High who is pursuing a future in either sports medicine or biology (both subjects Eric taught at Tigard for over 24 years). Eric's family hand picks the senior based on a written essay, grades, and overall resume during his or her time as a student at Tigard High School.

And now to the winners. The drawings were held Friday night, July 25th, at the Alpenrose Velodrome. Anna Knoblock from Bike Central was our offcial drawer of the winning entries out of our large wicker basket.

In the first drawing, the winner of the LiveStrong cap personally autographed by Lance Armstrong is ---- Stephen Hemminger!

In the second and final drawing, the winner of the Veloforma F1R Road Frame is --- Barb Grover!

The winners will be contacted shortly and arrangements will be made accordingly for the delivery of their prizes.


Darell Provencher
Team Rose City

Big Smile.

It's been a little quiet on the home front for the Veloforma women's team. After Cascade it was time to take a break. I think that most people have been rejuvenated and are ready to rock, while others are winding down a bit and ready for the season to end. But wait it's only the end of July you say... well they have been racing every single weekend Since February. Cross is just around the corner. We are not going to field an official cross team this year, but we will have a few out racing for sure. When I look back of our first season (even though its not over yet) together I get a BIG SMILE! These ladies are awesome!!!

Pennington at the End of Silverton Road race.

Alice and Becka on the Podium @ Silverton.

Miranda on the rail at AVC.

Susan and Tina giving it all systems go with the gun show for Pennington in the feed @ cascade.

Alice and Tina - I think Tina looks pretty tuff in this helmet!!

Stars and Bars for Miranda and Jennifer.

The girls at Kings Valley.
The crew at Cascade.

There is still a lot of racing to be had with Hilary going to Nationals. High Desert this weekend which is the last of the Oregon Cup Races. Are Earthquaker and Heartbreaker going to make it?? They have been doing some High Altitude training in Colorado... looking forward to having the crew back together for this weekends events. Until then.....cheers

Monday, July 21, 2008

AVC & Short Track and more...

Road sprinters are tough, maybe a little crazy. But Track sprinters and particularly Keirin riders... well I just don't have a definition for them. The men and women of the Keirin are of a different breed of sprinter. Check out this video. It's from this weekends AVC here in Portland.
Glad everyone was OK.

Tony Kick of the Gentle Lovers went down hard on Sunday in the Scratch. It was a little scary at first. As he lay face down on the apron of the track. Thank fully he is OK. Last night at short track I heard he was pretty sore. I guess it's better to be sore than have broken bones. Get well soon Tony!!!

Raffle for F1R is coming to a close on July 25th - this is your chance to get an F1R on the cheap!!!
July 25 Raffle Drawing for Veloforma F1R Frame, Lance-autographed Livestrong Cap Date:
There's only 5 more days until we conclude a couple of raffles that will benefit the Eric Kautzky Memorial Scholarship Fund at Tigard High School. The drawing will be held July 25 at the Fast Twitch Fridays event at Alpenrose Velodrome. Winners need not be present to win. Raffle tickets can be purchased online (see below) until 1pm, Friday, July 25th. Or you can purchase in person at Alpenrose this Friday until 15 min before the drawing occurs.
Raffle tickets keep coming in for these two great prizes:
+ A Veloforma F1R carbon frame. Mark Duff, Founder and President of Veloforma, will ensure that you will have the right size F1R frame to meet your cycling needs. Check out and their cool blog at . $15 per entry.
+ A raffle for a LiveStrong cap personally autographed by Lance Armstrong. Raffle tickets are $15 each).
You can pay online at and click on "Send Money" (Fill out info in the "Send Money" box).
Then enter as the e-mail address you want to send money to and fill in the blanks.
Please send an email to verifying which prize drawing you are paying for and how many tickets. Include your contact info (email address and/or phone) We will then write out your raffle ticket(s) and enter them into the drawing.
For more information about Eric Kautzky and Eric's Scholarship Fund at Tigard High School, go to
Thanks again for your support! (And please support the upcoming negligent homicide bill in the next session of the Oregon legislature --
Darell Provencher Team Rose City
-- Note NEW email address is -- no longer .com

Short track is a blast.

I needed to change things up a little bit and do something different.

If you need to change things up a bit too.. then check it out.

Plus I HAD to get this rig out there and tear it up.

If you've been out at short track you may have also seen Tina Brubaker or Alice Pennington out on a VELOFORMA full carbon single speed Mtn. Bike. This is a prototype, but the final rig is better, stiffer and more responsive. Plus it will be available this fall after Interbike. Photo's of the final product will be out soon.

Time to head back to the shop. Go ride your bike.