Monday, June 30, 2008


Congrats to all the Alpenrose 6 Day Racers!!!
The 6 day finished on Saturday under beautifully clear skies, with lots of SUN & HEAT!!!
Some thrive in the heat and others wilt. Since we have not had a lot of heat this year. It seem like most of the group was going a little slower on the last day. But there is no better way to finish an event. Hope everyone who was out there remembered the sun screen cause the glare of the track is like being up on a glacier.
If you want to check out more action of what happened at the six day via photo's check out Ed Norton and as I see it.
This 6 day event was special for several reason. The Third ever all women 6 day in 99 years. Plus the fact that it was FIAC National Madison Championships for the elite men & women fields. Stephen Beardsley & Mark Blackwelder of Gentle Lovers walked away with the Title for the Elite men. Miranda Moon (Veloforma/Zym) & Jennifer Triplett(Broadmark Elite Track Team) riding for Veloforma took home top honors for the women!!!
Miranda and Jennifer - On the top step, showing off there new National Champ Jersey!!! Special thanks also goes out to Larry Kohn at Assos for there generous donation of Custom Assos Madison Jerseys to the winners of each field. Way, way cool. You can check out the super cool kits here

Other Happenings for the week and weekend! As usual we keep it rolling!!

Tina Brubaker got 2nd in Bend @ the NWX Criterium

NWX Criterium
Friday, June 27
Women - 30 minutes - 18 starters
Chrissy Ruiter ValueAct Capital
Tina Brubaker Veloforma

Heather Clark Bend Bike n Sport
Teri Sheasby Bend Bike n Sport
Zoe Roy Sunnyside
Evelyn Dong Therapeutic Associates
Michelle Bazemore
Sami Fournier Organic Athlete
Monica Freeman Therapeutic Associates
Lynn Albrow Central Oregon Velo
Amanda Atwill Therapeutic Associates
Brenna Knowles Therapeutic Associates
Lea Julson Therapeutic Associates

Alice Pennington Had a B Day on Sunday!!! Happy BDAy RockStar!!!
Salem/Fairview Circuit Race had Veloforma go 1,2,3 for the third time this year!!! Way to go!

Becka 1st, Laura 2nd, Tina 3rd. Do not have a photo of the finish yet. Soon as I can I'll post one.

Cool Stat - 7 victories in 7 days.

Great Job to everyone!!!

Have a great day!!! Go ride your bike. Cheers!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Alpenrose Lameness/ Not so Lame!

OK - Before I get on my soap box. I need to be positive, right. So what was positive about last night. Well - the Women 6 Day. It is so COOL to see 7 teams out there slugging it out. Last night was what we call the short night, due to extended schedule (non 6 day riders raced too) So it was faster, shorter distances. But they can still take there toll. Miranda Moon (veloforma/zym) and Jennifer Triplett (Broadmark Elite Track Team) have teamed up riding for Veloforma at the 6 day. They are doing awesome and currently leading at this point. This is the first time Miranda & Jennifer have ridden together as madison partners, actually it's the first time for Fionna & Louella too. The other teams have been doing madison practices for a few months, since knowing there was going to be a women only 6 day. Cool stat about Fionna and Louella is that they are the youngest/oldest team out there, and they are hanging tough. One things for certain is... I have been really impressed with the racing and exchanges. Something other competitors could learn from... just watch enjoy and learn. These ladies have it down and it's poetry in motion. Watching them race is a joy and I hope this will now become an annual event. Rumor has it, that there may be a women only 6 day at the FSA GP. I hope so, if not I know Miranda & Jennifer will be out there with the men. But I have my fingers crossed that you ladies get your own madison.

Results for the Overall are listed below.

Six Day Women Pl First Name Last Name Team Points laps
1 Miranda Moon Veloforma 225.0 0
1 Jennifer Triplett Veloforma 225.0 0
2 Jeanie Bilhmaier Specialized River City Bicycles 180.0 -2
2 Andrea Fisk Velo Bella 180.0 -2
3 Amelia Bjesse-Puffin Bike Central 167.0 -3
3 Featherin... Jen Bike Central 167.0 -3
4 Anita Dilles Gentle Lovers 141.0 -3
4 Emily Charbonneau Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling 141.0 -3
5 Heather VanValkenburg Team Rubicon 86.0 -12
5 Darien Curl Team Rubicon 86.0 -12
6 Meg Mautner Bike Central 53.0 -15
6 Lynn Hughes-Godfrey Bike Central 53.0 -15
7 Fiona Graham Specialized River City Bicycles 41.0 -19
7 Louella Holter Gregg's Specialized 41.0 -19

A few shots of the men's B and A podiums for day 4.

Six Day Men B Pl First Name Last Name Team Points laps
1 Jonathan Long US Outdoor Store 200.0 0
1 Scott Harman Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team 200.0 0
2 Brian Abers Bike Central 171.0 0
2 Mark Godfrey Bike Central 171.0 0
3 Casey Deck Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling 166.0 0
3 Charles Warner Veloce 166.0 0
4 Stephen Hemminger South Town Velo 140.0 0
4 Jeff Standish Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling 140.0 0
5 Sasha Lacey Portland Velo 108.0 0
5 Gregg Magnus Portland Velo 108.0 0
6 David Godfrey Team Rubicon 77.0 -2
6 Norrene Godfrey Team Rubicon 77.0 -2
7 Steve Truesdale Half Fast Velo 81.0 -7
7 Mark Duff Veloforma 81.0 -7

Six Day Men A Pl First Name Last Name Team Points laps
1 Steven Beardsley Gentle Lovers 236.0 0
1 Mark Blackwelder Gentle Lovers 236.0 0
2 Darrell Hemmenway Guinness Cycling 163.0 -5
2 Per Bjesse Bike Central 163.0 -5
3 Peter Drake Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team 140.0 -5
3 David Klipper Guinness Cycling 140.0 -5
4 Curtis Bergquist 78.0 -9
4 Patrick Jacks 78.0 -9
5 Jerome Dumortier Beaverton Bicycle Club 87.0 -11
5 Richard Suditu Beaverton Bicycle Club 87.0 -11
6 Nathan Frechen Team Beer 28.0 -18
6 Jay Brown Portland Velo 28.0 -18

So now for the down side. Last night was LAME!!! At least in the B race madison. Guess B stands for BONE HEAD. Sorry don't mean to be negative... But my partner got taken out. Last nights racing was weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory. Why because someone who hasn't ridden the track enough and weighs twice as much as Casey Deck, slams Casey onto the apron at full speed. Casey keeps it up (because he's a good rider) but at this point he had know where to go but into my partner at full speed. Taking Steve Truesdale down hard. I mean hard, the impact sent a chill up my spin. First thought is get to Steve as fast as possible. When I get there I can see a small gash on his nose, a little blood and minor track rash. I was amazed. Steve is one burly guy! To be able to walk away from such a horrific crash, he put the definition in to TUFF and Lucky. Steve will for ever be know as Burlucky in my book. It may even become his new nick name. My second thought after I realize Steve is OK - pissed. Not at Casey, it wasn't his fault. Just that we have a few teams in the B race that have no experience what so ever, show no respect or common sense. They are making constant bone head moves, which last night finally had a consequence, rider down. We are lucky Steve is OK. That everyone else was OK, and we didn't have the whole field stacked in a pile on the apron. It would be nice if we would hand out a few dangerous rider penalties equal to a lap taken away. I'm sort of sick of it! If you can't do proper exchanges or figure out how to come into the line up. Communicate with out using foul language. Have patience and learn to ride with skill, then I don't want to be any where near you in a race. Actually how about trying what I've mentioned at 60 or 70 percent and then work on getting to 100% full out effort. There's to much at steak out there, mainly our friends and competitors!! So please, please stop riding beyond your limits, it effects all of us. OK of my soap box.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

08' Alpenrose 6 Day!!

Do you want to be part of History???

Then come out to the Alpenrose Velodrome to see the First EVER all women's six day.

The Alpenrose Velodrome has been around since 1962, and has never looked back providing an excellent track venue for Oregon Cycling. Alpenrose has held USA cycling National Championships in 1967 and 1989.

It continues making history. Holding the first ever all women 6 day. The first event of it's kind any where in the world. It's also an FIAC National Madison Championship. What does this mean? A FIAC National Championship Jersey will be awarded! Stars and Bars baby!!!

This could only happen in OBRA land. We are fortunate to have such a rich history of bike racing and wonderful people like the Cadonau's, Murray's, Godfreys, Sugahara's and many many more who make racing what it is in oregon!

So come out and watch some awesome racing and be a part of history in the making!!!

Current standings after 3 days of racing.

Overall after day 3 Women Overall Points Overall Laps1 Miranda Moon Veloforma 159 01 Jennifer Triplett Veloforma 159 02 Jeanie Bilhmaier Specialized/River Vity 135 -22 Andrea Fisk Velo Bella 135 -23 Amelia Bjesse-Puffin Bike Central 116 -33 Featheringill Jen Bike Central 116 -34 Anita Dilles Gentle Lovers 98 -34 Emily Charboneau Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling98 -35 Heather VanValkenburg Rubicon 65 -115 Darien Curl Rubicon 65 -116 Meg Mautner Bike Central 40 -136 Hughes-Godfrey Lynn Bike Central 40 -137 Fiona Graham Specialized/River Vity 24 -167 Louella Holter 24 -16

Here's how to get there:

Alpenrose Velodrome's address is 6149 SW Shattuck, Portland, Oregon. One way to get to the track is to take the Terwilliger exit (297) off of I-5, then go straight for half a mile (north) on Bertha Street or Terwilliger to Highway 10 and take a left (west). Follow Highway 10 for 2 miles, also called the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, until you get to the Wendy's (on the left) and take a left (south) on Shattuck Street. Follow Shattuck for about half a mile, until you get to the Alpenrose Dairy, on the right (6149 SW Shattuck). (Overview map, detail map)

Have a great day!!

Thanks for reading.

Cheers :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elkhorn '08

'08 Elkhorn Classic is in the books!
The Veloforma women Rocked it!
Two stage wins and some really strong riding.
Short recap!!
Day one - Oregon trail road race. Pennington aka ROCKSTAR makes the break. They put 2:30 into the field Alice gets 3rd on the stage, but then finds out she was second! Due to yellow line infraction in the final sprint. Field sprint for 5th is taken by Tina!!! Sweet!!

Stage 2 Pleasant Valley Individual Time Trial. Not so pleasant when you have to go all out for 10miles and the last 4.5 have a headwind a you have to deal with a Farms truck that pulls in front of you twice, making you come to a complete stop!!! Then adding insult to injury having a water truck do the same. This happen to Becka and she still got 6th!!! It would have been another story if she had clear road!!! Needless to say this didn't help her get back time on GC.
Pennington Rocked an excellent TT to only lose 9 sec to 1st on GC.

Stage 3 Gold rush Criterium. ( Please see comments as this portion is miss leading) This was the portion of the stage race the made Elkhorn epic in one way or another. It happen to be rain and trying to corner on polished cement. Not a good combination to have. Needless to say about 20mins in to there 40min criterium they sky's opened up and the cement got wet, and BANG a rider goes down in turn one taking about 30 riders with her. They stop the race to line up again, then to cancel it. Susan Peithman is credited with the win and was also given a 3 sec advantage on the remaining field. So it is a legitimate win. Even if Susan just wanted to win it out right, with no technicalities. Best wishes to the Bob's rider that went down in the crit. She ended up breaking her pelvis, we wish you a speed recovery!!
SPECIAL THANKS - needs to go to Beverly Calder of BELLA market. With out Bev the women would not have gotten equal prize money! Thank you Beverly!! If you are ever in Baker City you must visit her shop.

Stage 4 Dooley Mountain Road Race
This is the final grueling stage of Elkhorn. Only the truly hard finish it and only the Burly Win it.
100 miles and 8000 feet of climbing in the day. Guess who won the women's stage! Becka Hartkop!! Susan spent the first 30 miles on the front riding tempo, then Tina took over for the next 30, this did some major damage. Which gave us our second victory of the weekend. I hope it also made up for the tt frustration of the morning before. It's tough to say where she would of ended up on GC, due to the TT fiasco, but I guess that's racing. Alice stayed with first on GC to retain Second Over all!!

So how we ended up per stage:
1- Alice 2nd, Tina 5th, Becka 14th, Susan 21st, Miranda 27th
2- Becka 6th, Alice 8th, Tina 13th, Susan 16th , Mirada 17th
3- Susan 1st,
4- Becka 1st, Alice 7th, Tina 19th, Susan 24th

W P/1/2 1 212 Barber Sarah Team 9:32:18.1 2nd 228 Pennington Alice Veloforma 9:32:30.63 205 Secrist Robin First Rate Mortgage 9:33:21.44 215 Stacher Ally Team 9:34:19.9 5th 223 Hartkop Becka Veloforma 9:34:28.06 208 Gillis Cara Organic Athlete 9:34:59.67 221 Gitlen Laurel Gentle Lovers 9:35:42.68 213 Gaertner Jenni Team 9:36:29.69 218 Zivin Julie Byrne Invent 9:36:42.210 217 Chandos Amy UC Davis USCF Cal Aggie Cyclis 9:36:59.211 230 Turnbull Lisa Team Group Health 9:38:24.012 203 Gonzalez-Ferrat Gabriela Bicycle John's SeriousCycling 9:39:02.413 201 Beall Allison Team 9:39:44.7 14th 220 Brubaker Tina Veloforma 9:40:23.315 211 Withrow Kelsey PCIM 9:42:02.216 224 Kunz Kori Poplollies 9:42:16.017 209 Thurston Emily Organic Athlete 9:43:32.618 216 Swan Izette Team Group Health 9:44:52.519 227 Nettles Elizabeth Avanti Racing 9:47:46.020 204 Crawford Kelly Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team9:50:14.121 222 Green Kristi DeSalvo Custom Cycles 9:50:54.122 207 Fournier Sami Organic Athlete 9:56:49.8 23rd 202 Peithman Susan Veloforma 9:58:21.824 210 Wangerin Jenn Organic Athlete 10:02:27.625 206 Walsh Martha First Rate Mortgage 10:07:56.826 219 Albrow Lynn 10:08:15.127 231 Valentin Sirikit Gentle Lovers 10:15:44.828 226 Morgan Lisa 10:17:46.2

Monday, June 16, 2008


To much to do and not enough time to do!

It's Monday!! I need to plan for Elkhorn!! Didn't get in to the old man race, So now I get to get drilled in the Pro1/2's which is fine. Except for the fact I thought I'd have more time to get registered online. Guess I have to plead with Ernie and hopefully I'll get in.

So quick post of this weekends racing!

The ladies rode Excellent and went 2nd-5th @ Tabor. Melissa Sanborn (Vanderkitten) rode a great race following wheels till she launched her 400 meter attack at the end for the win.

It was a sea of White black and Red at the front all day!! Rock star took a ton of Primes!
The ladies before there start of the race!
The intensity and the focus that we love to bring to all our races!!
The Veloforma/Zym Elite Women's team is now 1st,2nd & 3rd. for the Oregon Cup!!!

Below are the top 10 Results.

1 Rebecka Hartkop Veloforma 496
2 Tina Brubaker Veloforma 410
3 Alice Pennington Veloforma 360
4 Kori Kunz Poplollies 323
5 Melissa Sanborn Vanderkitten 200
6 Jenny Slawta Land Shark 185
7 Heather Clark Bend Bike 'N Sport 165
8 Christi Binstadt Poplollies 140
8 Hilary Billington Veloforma 140
10 Jill Howe Poplollies 131

BIG THANK YOU to all the ladies who came out to race at the Cat 4 Women's Series. Tabor was race #1 in a 6 race series. Hopefully we see the numbers grow to 40 racers. Overall series results after race one can be found here.

Please click on the caption below to see a better view of the results after race #1

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OBRA TTT Championships / Silverton Road Race!!!

The Veloforma/ZYM ladies are still on a role!!! Bring home 2 more wins this past weekend.
OBRA Team Time Trial Championships happened in Corvallis, Oregon. Under cloudy sky's and very little wind. Conditions seemed to be fast this year. Times were a lot lower than in years past. So I'm going with fast conditions on top of teams just going good for all the great times!!

Veloforma fielded two teams. Our elite squad (Tina, Becka, Susan, and Miranda) and Team DEVO - Laura, Eva, Carrie, and Jen. (aka our development squad). Both squads rocked it. I was really impressed with how well DEVO rode. I made them ride ironman style (no aero equipment) and we did a mix of 2 -cat4's and 2 - cat3's. They posted and excellent time of 1:12:36 for second place in the women's Cat3's. With how well they rode this year, it's going to be a tough inner squad battle for next years victory, plus ttt squad selections!!!

Carrie, Eva, Jen and Laura getting there medals!!!!!

The elite squad used the motivation of trying to catch Devo. Plus the fact that Tim "hitman" Hittner mentioned that they would get a Steak dinner of there choice if they broke 1 hour!!! The elite squad caught every women's team out on course and posted a winning time of 1:05:07. This time actually put them high in a lot of men's fields and placed them 33rd out of 70 teams.

Tina (showing what fuels us - ZYM), Becka, Miranda and Susan!!!

Below I am demonstrating our extreme aero position.

Ok - on to Silverton Road Race. Great course, great promoter, = fun time!! This should be a must do on your list for "hard person" style races. This race was also an Oregon Cup event so a lot was on the line. Doing the TTT the day before, the girls knew they still had to perform. It was race # 5 in the 7 race series. We had fresh legs in Alice Pennington so we knew we had something to give and give it we did... Alice and Becka countered an attack by Jennie Slawta on lap two to ride away from the field.

This attack split the field hard. It left Tina a little isolated with no team members present in the chase group. Miranda and Susan feeling the pain of the hills and the suffer fest of the day before were in a 5 person group a few minutes back. Tina did damage control following wheels and making sure Kori Kunz "poplollies"stayed put. Kori put in alot of attacks on the last lap trying to crack Tina but "Earthquaker" wouldn't budge.
Tina - always in control.

Susan and Miranda in the 5 person chase group. Shout out to Stephanie Chase for racing in loaner shoes about 5 sizes to big (she's the ironclad girl on the right of the picture above) I bet the feet and such ended up being a little sore. What a trooper!

So to wrap things up Becka and Alice stay away till the end. Alice gets the win, and Becka gets 2nd. Next group in Jenny Slawta jumps Tina and Kori for 3rd. Kori 4th and Tina 5th.

Oregon Cup standing with two races left.

1 Rebecka Hartkop Veloforma 346
2 Tina Brubaker Veloforma 310
3 Kori Kunz Poplollies 292
4 Alice Pennington Veloforma 240
5 Heather Clark Bend Bike 'N Sport 165
6 Christi Binstadt Poplollies 140
7 Jenny Slawta Team Landshark 105
8 Molly Wheeler Team Landshark 105
9 Jill Howe Poplollies 91
10 Erin Playman Gentle Lovers 80

Rock star will be at the last two events, so the top 3 is going to mix it up a little. The next OC event is Mt. Tabor on June 15th. This will be the first race back for Hilary Billington after her bought with pneumonia. We are super stoked to have her healthy and be back in action. So we will be given it! As the girls always do!!! The last race is in Bend Oregon and part of the High Desert Omnium on August 3rd we have something special in store on this day, so stay tuned, it's going to make for fun times.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Gentle Lovers is Proud to Present - Heartbreaker '08!!!!

This should be a grand time for all. Women get to race for Veloforma Swag!!!!
The ladies will be racing for -
Veloforma squadra bar size 40 - full HM Carbon!!
Veloforma SLX full carbon road fork - works great on the track too.
Veloforma T-shirts
Zym hydration products!!!!

Special thanks to all who help support this in such a timely fashion!!

Now go out and support the race, have fun and of course race HARD!!!!!!

Info can be found at the link below: